Where can I buy Devices & SHCs?

As we receive more and more questions about where devices & SHCs can be purchased, what you should pay attention to when purchasing and what you have to do if you want to make warranty claims, we have created this page with relevant information for you.

Buying new Devices & SHCs

We will not make any recommendations for online stores or marketplaces where you can purchase devices or SHCs for LIVISI SmartHome. LIVISI will retire its services on March 1st, 2024 and even if the devices can continue to be operated locally afterwards, this system will no longer be maintained or provided with updates.

If you still want to buy devices or SHCs, you will find them in the well-known online stores and marketplaces.

If you search here in the community for "Buy devices" or "New devices", you will also find lots of posts from other users on the topic of buying devices.

What to pay attention to when buying

When purchasing, the first thing that is important is the time of purchase/delivery.

Before March 1st, 2024

  • SHC 2.0
    • Can be operated without restrictions
  • Classic SHC - this SHC has been on the market since 2010 and not every version can be updated:
    • If at least version 1.913-3.0.674.105 is installed, the SHC can be updated via the LIVISI Cloud
    • From version 1.32-*, the SHC can usually be updated via USB
  • innogy/RWE devices - all official innogy/RWE devices can be included.

Attention, there are also devices on the market that are not supported, such as pre-production devices that cannot be used with LIVISI SmartHome because of the Homematic IP protocol used. These devices can be identified by the "2.0" in the product name printed on. For example, the following devices appeared:

  • Flush-mounted roller shutter control 2.0
  • Door/window sensor 2.0 (optical)
  • Smart plug 2.0

More at Keep your eyes open when buying new devices

From March 1st, 2024

After the LIVISI Cloud has been switched off, SHCs can be operated locally and devices can also be included locally, provided the following conditions apply:

  • SHC 2.0
    • Minimum version 8.17-
    • The SHC was connected to the LIVISI Cloud under this minimum version
  • Classic SHC
    • Minimum version 1.914-3.1.1111.0
    • The SHC was connected to the LIVISI Cloud under this minimum version
    • At some point the SHC was registered with a user account
  • innogy/RWE devices
    • All devices for which a device key is available

You can find more information about the device keys here: SHCs & Devices in the local SmartHome


If you want to make a warranty claim for a defective device, please contact the dealer from whom you purchased your device. This dealer is the first point of contact for warranty claims.

Please note that the dealers may have offered individual warranty extensions or other offers to extend the warranty in addition to the statutory periods.