Product overview

We are currently moving the release notes from the online help (Version information - SmartHome Help) to this area. The history of the individual components is gradually transferred and is not yet available here.

Products 5

  1. Bindings

    Bindings (aka addins or plugins) are extensions for LIVISI SmartHome, which include device drivers or function extensions.
  2. LIVISI Cloud

    Information about updates of the LIVISI Cloud - the backend of the SmartHome system
  3. LIVISI SmartHome App (iPhone, Android, Web)

    The LIVISI SmartHome app is the official app for the setup and daily use with the SmartHome. The app is available for iPhone, Android and also as a web app (
  4. SHC Classic

    The first generation of the SHC (so called "Classic") was produced by eQ-3 for RWE/innogy and can be easily identified on the existing display
  5. SHC 2. Generation

    The second generation of the SHC was developed by innogy in collaboration with Medion, has no display and usually consists of two stacked modules.