LIVISI SmartHome App (iPhone, Android, Web)


  • Fixed navigation error on Philips Hue devices (clicking on the highlighted category turns the user back to the Home Screen)

    Device view: Clicking a second time to the already selected category (e.g. "Color Temp."), you were navigated back to the home screen.

  • Wording improvements
    • Small improvements for Novoferm and energy devices
    • Inclusion of additional two-way meters - the error message now indicates that only one two-way counter can be included (was previously "faulty code")
  • Scenarios fixes
    • Fixed the app's freeze when editing specific scenarios
    • Fixed a rare error of the "between"-condition for wind gusts
    • The display of the time trigger in non-German language has been corrected
    • Fixed errors (incorrect initial values) when editing dimming actions
    • The list of available devices for the Virtual Resident has been corrected (BT-PSS and BT-LLB were missing)
  • Fixed generic layout issues
    • Miele devices (e.g. display of placeholders instead of values)
    • Samsung cameras (e.g. display of IP instead of name)
    • iOS fixes specific problems (e.g. overlays by buttons)