LIVISI SmartHome App (iPhone, Android, Web)


  • Improved description on Local SH setting page
  • Other small fixes
    • WSD1 detection timeout screen is displayed incorrectly
    • Incorrect time displayed for next Sunrise/Sunset in Services after timezone change
    • Settings - Timezone can't be set to Western Australia GMT+8
    • Full Menu available after unreachable modal was displayed
    • Inclusion - The user can only enter 2 decimals for feed in price in euro/kWh
    • Predefined Scenario - Turn lights on when motion is detected - Hue - display issue
  • Custom Scenario fixes
    • Timespan condition issues at edit
    • Issues when selecting button press trigger (ISC/WSC)
  • DAL fixes
    • wording issue for List View "Today´s" data entries
    • data from start of day not displayed depending on UTC offset
    • Room-climate reports not displayed when navigating fast between sections