SHC 2. Generation


  • Changing the default password: it is now the PIN that is printed on the bottom of the SHC
  • Local UI 3.38.5
    • Fixed navigation issues on FTU/setup screens
    • Fixed display of camera images when navigation through the images
    • Improved warning if memory is full and images should be uploaded to the backend
    • Disabled editing of scenarios that contain cloud-only functionalities (like SMS)
    • Removed recommendation for using the native app (LIVISI App)
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed content type in OAuth header (application/x-www-form-urlencode)
    • Fixed the sync of changes by the local UI with the online version
    • Fixed local UI crash that happed in some cases after config restore
    • Improved persistence of UI settings (fixed loosing customizations of home screen)
    • Improved reconnect of Netatmo after it was unreachable (avoiding null-states)
    • Fixed loading of resources during factory reset
    • Fixed false modal message for available updates after update to local version