Checklist for local operation

As questions frequently arise about the necessary preparations for local operation of LIVISI SmartHome from March 1st, 2024, we are providing a short checklist here.

Please also note the linked pages if you need help with individual points.

Current system

You must check your current system for the following things in order to be able to operate it successfully after March 1st, 2024:

  1. The SHC must run with the latest software version (LIVISI app > Settings > Central Unit):
    • Classic SHC (with display): 3.1.1111.0
    • SHC 2.0:
  2. You are currently running the SHC either
    • with a LIVISI user account (you can access the SHC via
    • purely local without a LIVISI user account and the SHC is either a
      • classic SHC and was at some point registered with a LIVISI user account
      • SHC 2.0 and was able to communicate with the LIVISI Cloud via the Internet (no registration needed)

That's it - if these conditions are met, you don't have to do anything else. The scenarios are already running locally on the SHC and the device keys of the included devices are stored on the SHC anyway.

Optional preparations

It makes sense to prepare a little more for local operations in advance. If you want to do this, we recommend the following:

  • Check the local connection to the SHC:
    • You can access the local web app with any browser by accessing the following URL: http://IP_adresse_des_SHCs
    • It is often also possible to call the local web app by name (classic: SMARTHOME01 1; 2nd generation: SHCONTROLLER01 1) of the headquarters, then no fixed IP addresses are needed
  • Set up local access as described in the chapter "Local Web App > Initial Setup" under How can I use it?.
  • If you would like to receive notifications after March 1st, 2024, then set up email: Notifications for the local SmartHome
  • There are also a few options for remote access your SHC: Remote Access the Local SmartHome

Replacement SHCs & devices

The above conditions also apply to your replacement SHCs. In addition, you should also have backed-up the device keys from the SHC onto a USB stick in order to include your devices into the replacement SHC: Guide to local device keys

We recommend to include at least one innogy/RWE device to test if everything is ok.

All devices that you keep as replacement devices must also be prepared for future use before March 1st, 2024: Guide to local device keys

Further information

If you have further questions or need more information on various topics, then take a look at the following pages:

1 If there are multiple SHCs in the network, a higher number is used