Community Help


  • The general guidelines apply throughout the community
  • LIVISI is active in the LIVISI FORUMS only - the other forums are only moderated. It can happen that we make announcements or similar in forums other than the LIVISI FORUMS, but basically we don't get involved there.
  • Please write in German or English - some users also speak other languages, but the posts should remain understandable to all users.

Direct address

  • You can mention individual users or groups in posts. This is done by the "A" followed by the name.
  • Groups that can be mentioned in contributions and which are also informed are:
    • [group]Experts[/group]
    • Superexperts
  • Please note that the mention of a person/group is not a guarantee that the answer will be given.
  • Of course there is also the possibility to mention Support , but the boys and girls are focused on the dedicated English 2nd-Level SUPPORTFORUM and can not monitor all areas
  • The same applies to LIVISI - we take note of this, but we generally do not post in the general forums. The possibility to contact us directly can be found in the forum TALK TO US...