Using fixed IP

The use of fixed IP addresses is usually recommended for some SmartHome applications. Be it for the local SmartHome or for bindings such as Philips Hue or the Samsung Smartcam.

In the following we would like to provide short instructions for this - the start is made by the probably most widespread router, the FritzBox from AVM:

AVM FritzBox

If you do not change the settings of the FritzBox, it automatically assigns the IP addresses in your network via DHCP. How to change the setting for a single device:

  • Switch to the web interface of your router by navigating to
  • Log in with your access data
  • Navigate to "Home Network" > "Network".
  • Here you will find a list of the connected devices > Find the device that should have a fixed IP
  • Click on the device's icon to edit it
  • Then check the box "Always assign this network device the same IPv4 address"
  • The changes are accepted with "OK" and the device always has the same IP address from now on

These instructions were created with the FritzBox 7430 and should work for all current FritzBox routers. If you get an error message, another device is probably already using the selected IP address.