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    I'm a bit lost in translation about some of the issues stated above, but maybe I can clarify a couple of things.

    1. As stated in the original post of the thread, the local communication feature for SHC 2.0 is being released in waves, over a few weeks, to make sure there are no issues. It may be that you don't see the update because your SHC was not yet included in a wave. In this case, please be patient, it should be available to all soon. The version that contains the local communication feature is 8.17-
    2. To be able to update to the latest, your SHC 2.0 needs to have the last version before this one, which is 8.17-, released in December 2021. Careful with the OS version, it needs to be 8.17. If you have a version older than 8.17- on your SHC, only then you need to contact support and raise a ticket about your SHC having issues with the software update.
    3. The local communication is targeted to existing users that already have an account and would like to use their existing configuration beyond March 1st 2024. You do not need a second account to use the local communication feature, just update and enable. See the FAQ for more information:

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    Hi Tom,

    I somehow completely missed your tag from earlier, sorry about that.

    I can imagine how frustrating it is that WiFi configuration is not working. I can share some points that might be relevant:

    • Unfortunately WiFi configuration is not working on Android phones since last year, due to a mandatory update of the Android API that was not followed by matching fixes in some of the libraries that we are using.
    • We are aware of it and we have been working on trying to fix it but it's slow and cumbersome work, and we did not find a solution that does not imply rewriting the whole thing.
    • This does not impact any WiFi configurations done before. That means you are not able to configure WiFi when registering a new SHCA or when you want to change your WiFi connection.
    • WiFi configuration works fine on iOS.

    At this point I don't have an exact date for when the issue will be fixed, but I hope it to be soon. Until then, cable is a workaround, as is using an iOS device.

    Also, I understand that if you'd like to get and answer from my Livisi colleagues, you can use one of the LIVISI FORUMS.

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    Hello everyone,

    We understand that it can be frustrating when the OS update fails, and we are working on finding a solution for this issues. Unfortunately it’s not a straight-forward problem, with an easy solution or workaround.

    In the meantime, maybe some additional information on the issues you discussed may help:

    • We have two types of updates: application updates, and OS updates for the SHCA
    • In a SHCA version you can notice that there are two parts – OS and application. 8.16/8.17 are the OS part, and 1.1.28.yyy are the application part. Therefore, an application update will only change your app version (for example go from to 8.16-1.1.28.yyy), while an OS update will only change the OS part of your version.
    • We currently have a process where about once a month we rollout application-only updates, the latest being from, to 1.1.28.yyy. This application update is initially optional, but then becomes mandatory in about a week.
    • Because we know that the OS update may fail in 1% of the cases, we do not make the OS update mandatory. We were offering the OS update on top of the application version, and now we moved it to the 1.1.28.yyy, so that we can keep it optional. This is probanly why you have been confused by the versions.
    • As for the 1% failure rate: we count the successfully updated SHCA in the system. and then we count the number of issues raised.
    • Also, a kind reminder: even if the OS update fails, your system does not become unusable.

    Have a nice day and Happy Easter!