To help us all benefit from the Community, we've put together a few simple, basic cornerstones for using our platform. They show each community member how to ask questions, give answers, post posts, and discuss SmartHome together.

Please note that as a user of the LIVISI Community, you are obligated to comply with the guidelines and our Terms of Use. We cannot and will not tolerate violations of this.

To report violations of the policies, please use the "Report"-feature below the respective post and describe what is not okay.

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Legal notices

The contents of the Community are not reviewed by LIVISI . All contents of the community are contributions of the users of the Community and LIVISI does not take any responsibility for them. The only exception is if users explicitly identify themselves as a LIVISI employee. LIVISI cannot review all contributions in terms of their completeness and accuracy, so no guarantees can be given. LIVISI is neither responsible nor liable for any damages caused by the contributions of the users. Using the community is based on the Terms of Use.

You can manage your user account via the User Account > Account Management - here you will also find the possibility to link your account to other accounts or delete the account.

Communicate correctly

Applicable law must also be observed in the LIVISI Community. Insulting, racist, illegal, unconstitutional, discriminatory, glorifying violence or morally indefensible content (expressions, images, etc.) or content that can harm young people have no place with us and will be deleted. Hints or links with the reference to illegal content are undesirable in the LIVISI Community. In case of violation, we block the access of the respective community member.

Communicate carefully

The Community is used to exchange knowledge. Please be careful with your answers and make a point if you are not 100% sure that this is the right solution. Keep in mind that the responses are user content and recommendations and LIVISI does not take responsibility.

Communicate objectively

Our Community is used to exchange views on the topics "SmartHome" and "Innovations and new products". The contents of the published content also contains personal opinions - other views are tolerated in the community. Discussions and answers shall be objective and fair. This also applies to criticism.

Communicate fairly

Using multiple accounts in the community is a no-go. Respect copyrights. Sharing content (texts, images, videos) that is not allowed being shared is not permitted. Unnecessary advertising and spam should be avoided.