USB Diagnosis Tool

This tool is a diagnostic tool that collects additional information from a 2nd generation SHC and will perform various measurements to bring the control panel into a stable state.

Please only use the tool if you have been asked to do so by our support


To run the tool you need

  • a USB stick (ideally with an LED to indicate writing processes)
  • with a minimum size of 1GB
  • FAT32 is formatted

You also have to download the tool:

USB Diagnosis Tool

Important instructions

  • The SmartHome app on the SHC is stopped so that no conflicts arise
  • After the tool is completed, the SHC will automatically restart.
  • The tool's collected data is expected to be 4-5 MB in size.


  1. Plug an empty USB stick into your computer
  2. Continue with the downloaded ZIP file on your computer:
    • Extract the diagnosis folder into the root directory of the USB stick or
    • Extract the ZIP file to a preferred folder on your computer, and copy the extracted diagnosis folder to the root directory of the USB stick
    • Make sure the USB stick has the following folder structure: "e:\diagnosis" (where "e" is the USB stick and "diagnosis" is the folder in which the scripts are located)
    • The folder may contain only the following files:
  3. Plug the USB stick into the USB port of your 2nd generation SHC (unless an update is currently running).
  4. Wait until writing to the USB stick is finished (after 15-20 minutes or when the USB stick's LED no longer shows anything for 1 minute)
  5. Remove the USB stick from the SHC and insert it into the computer again.
  6. Look for the output folder on the USB stick - this should be a subfolder of the diagnosis folder
  7. Please upload the encrypted contents of the output folder (file extension *.data) as an attachment to your existing ticket in the forum Contact the LIVISI support
  8. Done :)

Additional Information

The tool collects the following data from your SHC:

  • System diagnostics - collects data about:
    • Total disk usage
    • Real-time view of a running system (e.g. CPU utilization)
    • used/free memory
    • Disk usage from some relevant operating system tools
  • Network diagnostics - collects data about:
    • Download speed - by downloading a file from a dedicated speed test site
    • Configuration and information about network interfaces
    • Network interface statistics
  • Bluetooth diagnostics - collects data about:
    • OS-level Bluetooth service health status
  • Connection diagnostics - collects data about:
    • active connections and open ports
    • BE Communication
    • SmartHome application version
    • Configuration error
  • Cleanup - frees up disk space by:
    • Cleaning some caches
    • Removing temporary files
    • RESTART BLE support

The data is encrypted directly at the SHC to ensure secure transmission even over insecure channels.