Preparing for March 1st, 2024

We created a small Checklist for local operation - Entry page for everything about the local SmartHome How can I use it? - Setup & first steps in local SmartHomes Tips for local operation of LIVISI SmartHome Remote Access the Local SmartHome Notifications for the local SmartHome Open Source SmartHome Systems SMTP Binding

Devices & Device keys

The high level of security of LIVISI SmartHome is made possible, among other things, by the use of strong encryption of the communication of the innogy/RWE devices. This encryption requires that the corresponding devices are integrated using a device key. In local operation, each user must take control of the keys for their devices themselves.

SmartHome devices

Here you will find a service description for all SmartHome devices, important information about installation, functional testing, resetting to factory settings and version notes.

SHC (SmartHome Central)


Virtual devices

More solutions

Release Notes