Energy Control

Keep an eye on your electricity consumption and look forward to your electricity bill in a relaxed manner: Energy Control, the intelligent reading device for electro-mechanical electricity meters brings more transparency to your electricity consumption.

Easily installed and integrated into your SmartHome system, Energy Control offers a reliable overview of your electricity consumption.

  • Recording your electricity consumption
  • Secure communication via encrypted radio protocol
  • Easy to install, set up and control
  • Also works fully locally: The local SmartHome

Energy Control

  • Sends data from the analogue Ferraris meter to the SmartHome receiving unit
  • Easy installation with self-adhesive pads


  • SmartHome central

Box contents

  • Energy Control including receiving unit
  • Adhesive pad
  • Battery 3V CR2450 (1x)
  • User instructions
  • Cleaning cloth

Technical data

Radio frequency 868.3MHz (Manual W-MBus operating mode: S1); compliant with OMS
Max. Transmission power 10 dBm
Recipient class SRD Class2
Nominal voltage 3V -3.6V, battery CR2450 3V
Rated current Max.: 50mA
Protection class IP40
Dimensions 48x55.5x15.5mm (WxHxD)
Weight (without cable) 68g
Typical ambient temperature -10°C to +50°C


The Energy Control connects a mechanical Ferrari meter to the SmartHome system. The following counters are supported:

  • mechanical electricity meters
  • forward and backward running counters
  • Mounting is normal and overhead

In order to install the reading unit on an electricity meter, the meter window must be clearly visible and large enough so that the EnergyCam can be mounted directly below or above the roller counter.

Counters with the following properties are not supported:

  • Too much shading in the lower digit area (e.g. DZG W626U/W6N6T/W6N4/W6N6/W606U, Iskra T3FD/T3FD-02S1/T3FD-01/T3FD-01 S1/T3F-01S1)
  • Horizontally rotating counter (e.g. Landis Gyr CL14)
  • Disturbing flash reflection due to shiny metallic numbers (e.g. Siemens 7CA44 61-74/7CA44 41-75

Installation and inclusion

Please make sure that the SmartHome symbol is facing upwards. The reading unit must be mounted on the meter before it can be integrated into the SmartHome system.

  1. Pull the battery insert (B) out of the readout unit (A).
  2. Place the included battery (F) into the battery slot (B) from below and push it back into the housing.
  3. Remove the protective film from the adhesive pad on the back of the readout unit.
  4. Press the round button with the SmartHome logo (C) until a “2” appears in the display (D). In order to read the meter data, position the reading unit on your Ferraris meter just below the counter. Please make sure that the housing does not stick prematurely. The small arrows (E) above the display (D) indicate in which direction the device must be moved up/down or left/right.

    The installation can alternatively be carried out above the counter if due to of the meter structure, an overhead installation is necessary.

    The correct position is indicated with a green LED (E).

    The meter reading appears in the display after a short time. If it does not play back correctly, repeat step 4.
  5. Now press the reading unit firmly against the meter.
  6. Plug the included antenna (G) into the antenna socket (H) on the side. Watch out for oneFor the best possible reception, ensure that the antenna is installed outside the meter cabinet, if possible.
    If you want to separate the antenna from the Energy Control readout unit, make sure to carefully pull out the cable perpendicular to the socket.
  7. Plug the receiving unit into the USB port of the control panel.

Battery replacement

  1. Pull the battery insert (B) out of the readout unit (A).
  2. Remove the used battery from the battery slot (B)
  3. Put a new battery (F) into the battery slot (B) from below and push it back into the housing
  4. Press the round button with the SmartHome logo (C) until a “2” appears in the display (D).
    After a short time the display shows the counter reading.
    If this is not reproduced correctly, check the position of the readout unit.


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