Floor heating controller

Comfortably warm feet in the bathroom in the morning, pleasant warmth in the living area until the evening: cold feet are a thing of the past with the underfloor heating control. You can also regulate your underfloor heating while you're on the move and ensure a comfortable four walls on the way home.

  • Controls up to eight heating valves/circuits
  • Individual temperature control possible for each room
  • Up to eight temperature settings can be saved with a time program
  • Personal time profile for different days of the week
  • Easy to install, set up and control
  • Also works fully locally: The local SmartHome


  • SmartHome central
  • SmartHome room thermostat(s)

Box contents

  • Underfloor heating control
  • User instructions

Technical data

Device name FSC 8
Power supply 230V / 50Hz
Actuator outputs 8 outputs each 24 V DC; max. 250mA
Actuator type normal open (no) / normal close (nc)
max. Permanent load 6 W per control output
Standby consumption 0.8W
Radio frequency 868.3 MHz
Reception class SRD Class2
max. Transmission power 10mW
Protection class IP20
How it works Type 1
Construction type Independently mounted, electronic control unit for surface mounting
Pollution level 2
Ambient temperature +5°C to +35°C
Dimensions 325 x 55 x 80mm (WxHxD)
Weight 720g

Installation and inclusion

Please note before installation that the underfloor heating is operated with 24V actuators and a separate 230V socket is pre-installed for the power supply.

Please also note that only the following cable cross-sections are permitted for connection to the connection terminals:

Rigid cable [mm2] Flexible cable
without ferrule [mm2]
0.2 – 1.50 0.20 – 1.50

The length of the connecting cables must not exceed 3 m.


  • Drill two holes at the selected mounting location at a distance of 25 cm with a diameter of 6 mm
  • Place two suitable dowels into the drill holes
  • Turn the screws into the dowels until they protrude approx. 2 mm
  • Align the grooves of the SmartHome underfloor heating valve actuator over the screw heads and carefully push the device down until it sits firmly
  • Open the lid and connect the cables for the 24V actuators to the connection terminals. To do this, press the desired spring core pins with a narrow, pointed object (e.g. ballpoint pen, etc.)
  • For power supply, connect the power cable with the SmartHome underfloor heating valve actuator to a suitable socket
  • Now integrate the SmartHome underfloor heating valve actuator into the SmartHome system


Factory Reset Devices


Operating instructions