Inwall dimmer

A romantic dinner for two at the dining room table: the light should be pleasantly dim. Playing cards with friends at the same table – you need it brightly lit. The flush-mounted dimmer ensures the right brightness, continuously.

  • Switches ceiling and wall lights on and off and regulates brightness
  • Mood and effect lighting at the push of a button
  • Up to four individual switching positions can be programmed
  • Simulates your presence to protect against break-ins using different brightness levels
  • Easily installed in existing frames and rockers
  • Easy to install, set up and control
  • Also works fully locally: The local SmartHome


  • SmartHome central

Box contents

  • Flush-mounted dimmer
  • Rocker adapter set standard (2x Gira, Merten, Busch-Jaeger)
  • Fastening material for wall mounting
  • User instructions

Technical data

Device name ISD2
Power supply 230V/50Hz
Minimum load 10VA
Minimum current 40mA
Max. Switching capacity 180VA
Max. Transmission power 10mW
Standby consumption 1W
Dimming method Phase segment
Radio frequency 868.3MHz
Recipient class SRD Class2
Protection class IP20
Protection class II
Ambient temperature +5°C to +35°C
Dimensions 71 x 71 x 37mm (WxHxD)
Weight 43g

Rocker adapter

The flush-mounted dimmer consists of a flush-mounted insert for standard flush-mounted boxes. The scope of delivery also includes rocker adapters to achieve compatibility with as many manufacturers as possible.

First check which rocker adapter manufacturer you use in your apartment. Then select your corresponding manufacturer from the following list:

Manufacturer Series Designation

System 55
  • E2
  • Standard 55
  • Event
  • Esprit

  • E2
  • Standard 55
  • Event
  • Esprit

  • Atelier-M
  • 1-M
  • M-Plan
  • M-Plan real glass
  • M-Smart
  • M-ARC
  • M-Star **
  • Studio base **
  • M1 base

  • Duro 2000®SI
  • Reflex SI
  • SI Linear
  • carat®
  • future® linear
  • solo®
  • alpha

  • Arsys
  • K1

  • S1
  • Modul2
  • B1
  • B3
  • B7
  • Q1

  • LS 990
  • LS-design
  • LS-plus
  • CD 500
  • CD universal
  • CD plus

  • A 500
  • A creation
  • A plus
  • AS 500
  • AS universal

  • Alaska
  • Athenis
  • Ambiente¹
  • Europa¹ ²
  • Paris (Objekt HK 05)¹
  • Milano¹ ²
  • Rivo¹

  • A 500Architaste
  • Arcada
  • Trend
  • Standard Quadro
  • EverLuxe (Forever)
  • ProLuxe (Quadro)
  • PrimaLuxe
  • Eco


Please note that only the following cable cross-sections are permitted for connecting the SmartHome flush-mounted dimmer:

Rigid cable [mm²] Flexible cable without ferrule [mm²]
1.00 – 1.50 1.00 – 1.50

Before installation, please note the serial number on the device (12 digits under the barcode) and the exact installation location. You need this for later integration into your SmartHome. Please note the mandatory information in accordance with the device safety standard (text from DIN VDE 0620-1).

Two types of wiring are possible depending on the pre-installed cables. The installation steps must be carried out according to the corresponding circuit:

  1. Turn off the house fuse for the circuit.

  2. Remove all plastic parts and, if necessary, the existing switch.

  3. Make a note of the serial number given on the device below the barcode.

  4. Connect the conductor to the light (D) to the connection terminal.

  5. Connect the external conductor to terminal L.

  6. Connect the neutral conductor to terminal N.

  7. Connect the neutral conductor of the lamp/light (D) to the neutral conductor of the house installation (Figure 1) or to the connection terminal N (Figure 2).

  8. Attach the flush-mounted dimmer to the flush-mounted box using the screws provided.

  9. Hold the frame to the flush-mounted dimmer and attach it by attaching the appropriate rocker adapter.

  10. Turn the circuit's house fuse back on.

  11. Integrate the flush-mounted dimmer into your SmartHome via the SmartHome app.

  12. Finally, put the rocker on.

Mandatory information

Attention! Installation only by people with relevant electrical engineering knowledge and experience!

Improper installation puts you at risk of

  • your own life
  • the lives of the users of the electrical system.

With an improper installation you risk serious material damage, e.g. due to fire. You are at risk of personal liability for personal injury and property damage. Contact an electrician!


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User instructions