Power Control

With Power Control you can keep an eye on the consumption of your electrical devices at all times. This makes your electricity costs more transparent and potential energy guzzlers in the household can be quickly identified. The reading unit reads the power consumption data of your digital meter.

  • Evaluation of your electricity consumption
  • Secure communication via encrypted radio protocol
  • Easy to install, set up and control
  • Also works fully locally: The local SmartHome

Power Control

  • Sends data from digital electricity meters to the SmartHome receiving unit

Receiving unit

  • Easy installation thanks to magnetic adhesion
  • Receives meter data from SmartHome Power/Energy Control
  • Quick connection to the SmartHome center


  • SmartHome central

Box contents

  • Power Control
  • Receiving unit
  • Antenna with magnetic base
  • Adhesive pad
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Power plug with USB port
  • User instructions

Technical data

Radio frequency 868 MHz (W-Mbus Mode S1-m); compliant with OMS
Max. Transmission power 13dBm
Recipient class SRD Class2
Nominal voltage Max: 5V, limited power supply
Rated current • Max.: 60mA
• Average typically 1.5mA (reading interval 10 seconds)
• Average typically 150μA (reading interval 180 seconds)
Protection class IP20
Dimensions (Without stand) 32 x 40 mm (Ø x H)
Weight (without cable) 20g
Typical ambient temperature +0°C to +55°C
Read protocol type SML

Assembly and inclusion

To ensure safe reading and transfer of the meter data, please proceed as follows:

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1. Place the reading unit on the infrared data interface of your electronic household meter (EDL21). The magnetic ring ensures a secure hold. If necessary, use the adhesive pad provided.
2. Plug the supplied antenna into the antenna socket. Then align the antenna vertically. For the best possible reception, make sure that the antenna is installed outside the meter cabinet, if possible. Ideally, place the antenna on the meter cabinet.
3. Establish a power supply using the MicroUSB charging cable. To do this, connect the MicroUSB port to the readout unit and the power plug and plug it into a 230V socket. If there is no outlet in your fuse box, you can use a battery pack.
4. Plug the receiving unit into your control center. Power Control is now ready for operation and can be integrated into the user software.

Compatibility list

The Power Control connects an electrical household meter (also called SmartMeter) to your SmartHome. The prerequisite for this is a digital electricity meter of type EDL21 with an infrared data interface. The SML communication protocol is used to securely read and transmit the meter data.

Manufacturer Series
AEM eHZ E3L AW11112
EMH eHZ-G ...
eHZ-H ...
eHZ-I …
eHZ-K ...
ED 300 L ...
ED 100 L . ..
Hager eHZ 162 ...
eHZ 163 ...
eHZ 362 ...
eHZ 363 ...
ISKRA MT681 ...
MT175 .
AEM 3HZ E3L ...
eHZ E3L ...
Dr. Neuhaus SMARTY ix-110 ...
SMARTY ix-330 ...


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User instructions