Pluggable switch (interior)

Let the radio wake you up in the morning. A lit home in the evening for safety, even when you're not at home: With the adapter plug, electrical devices such as lamps, coffee machines or radios can be easily integrated into your home control system. The clever switching assistant makes your home more comfortable, safer and also more economical: at the push of a button, the adapter plug interrupts the power supply and thus intelligently saves energy and costs.

  • Easily control devices via adapter plugs
  • Scenarios (e.g. switching times, holidays) freely programmable
  • For more comfort and efficiency
  • Easy operation
  • Easy to install, set up and control
  • Also works fully locally: The local SmartHome


  • SmartHome central

Scope of delivery

  • Intermediate plug
  • User instructions

Technical data

Device name PSS
Power supply 230V/50Hz
Max. Transmission power 10mW
Max. Switching capacity 3680W
Standby consumption 0.5W
Relay closer
Switching capacity 16A (resistive load)
Withstand impulse voltage 2500V
Switch type Independently mounted switch
Operating mode S1
Radio frequency 868.3MHz
Recipient class SRD Class2
Protection class IP20
Ambient temperature +5°C to +35°C
Dimensions 60x130x77mm
Weight 180g

Installation and commissioning

The adapter plug (inside) may only be used indoors.

  1. Plug the adapter plug into the desired, easily accessible socket.

  2. Integrate the device into your SmartHome using the SmartHome app (plus sign at the top right).

    Successful integration is signaled by the LED lighting up for approx. two seconds.

  3. Then connect the desired device.
    After integration, the device can be controlled directly via the app.


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Operating instructions