Radiator thermostat (2nd generation)

The radiator thermostat is used to regulate the radiators in order to achieve the desired temperature. This target temperature can be set either in the SmartHome app in a scenario or directly on the radiator thermostat or room thermostat. The target temperature is transmitted to the device via an encrypted radio connection. This means that the heating can be automatically turned down when the window is open or when you are away.

  • Regulates the heating down during ventilation
  • Suitable for all commercially available valves
  • Easy operation
  • Easy installation without interfering with the heating system
  • Easy to install, set up and control
  • Also works fully locally: The local SmartHome


  • SmartHome central

Box contents

  • Radiator thermostat
  • Adapter set Danfoss (RAV, RA, RAVL)
  • Support ring
  • Batteries 1.5 V LR06 / Mignon / AA (2x)
  • User instructions

Technical data

Device name RST
Supply voltage 3V
Batteries 2 x LR6 (Mignon/AA)
Battery life Up to 2 years
Radio frequency 868.3 MHz
Recipient class SRD Class2
Protection class IP20
How it works Type 1
Connection M30 x 1.5mm
Display LCD
Ambient temperature +0°C to +55°C
Dimensions 67 x 75 x 107 mm (WxHxD)
Weight 210g

Installation and inclusion

  1. Turn the mechanical thermostat to the left as far as it will go. Unscrew the union nut completely from the thread.
  2. Insert the batteries (type AA) with the correct polarity. Wait until the pen has fully retracted. During this time A1 appears on the display.
  3. When the pen has fully retracted, A2 appears on the display.
  4. Press the button on the radiator thermostat briefly to start the self-adjustment. A3 appears in the display. This process can take up to three minutes. If the process is aborted, appears F2. You can restart the process by pressing the button again.
  5. Now install the radiator thermostat. It fits everyone commercially available valves with M30 x 1.5 mm connection thread.
  6. After a temperature is shown on the display, you can integrate the device into your SmartHome using the SmartHome app.

Functional check

  1. After inserting the batteries with the correct polarity, either a symbol or the target temperature appears in the display.
  2. If nothing or F4 is shown in the display, the batteries are empty or almost discharged and must be replaced.
  3. A red flashing LED while displaying F2 signals that the distance between the control pin and the valve is too large. Check that the screw connection is tight.
  4. F1 in the display means that the valve is too stiff or the valve drive is blocked. In this case, check the valve and adapter.

Meaning of the symbols

In addition to the desired target temperature, the status symbols are also shown in the display. They show the current situation of the radiator thermostat.

Symbol Meaning
Indicates that the batteries are exhausted.Please change the batteries immediately.
Displays an open window. It appears through a coupled, open window contact or when there is a significant drop in temperature (e.g. open window).
Displays the activated operating mode. In manual operating mode contemporarycontrolled scenarios, such as B. Lowering the room temperature when absent, ignored. The room temperature is instead set to the regulated by the value shown in the display.
To make assembly easier, the control pin is retracted completely.
The control pin has retracted completely. The radiator thermostat can now be installed.
The control range is determined and self-adjustment takes place for the full range of functions.

Error messages

The valve is too stiff or the valve drive is blocked. Check the valve.
Valve drive not installed or adjustment range too large. Check that the screw connection is tight.
Setting range too short. Check the valve and adapter. If necessary, replace the batteries.

Radiator adapter

Before installation, please check whether the adapter pieces provided are compatible with your heating valves.

Manufacturer / Type Adapter
Heimeier, MNG, Junkers, Landis&Gyr “Duodyr”, Honeywell-Braukmann, Oventrop, Schlösser, Comap, Simplex, Valf Sanayii, Mertik-Maxitrol, Watts, Wingenroth (Wiroflex), R.B.M., Tiemme, Jaga, Siemens, Idmar (all with thread M 30 x 1.5) no adapter required
Danfoss RA (20 mm or 23 mm with 4 notches)
Danfoss RAV (34 mm with 4 notches)
Danfoss RAVL 25.5 mm with 4 notches)
is included
Herz, Comap, Markaryds, TA, SAM, Slovarm, Remagg
(all with thread M 28 x 1.5)
available separately
Oventrop, Rotex
(all with thread M 30 x 1.0)
available separately
(with thread M 32 x 1.0)
available separately
(with thread M 33 x 2.0)
available separately
(with thread M 38 x 1.5)
available separately
Orkli (M 28 x 1.0), Gampper (27 mm with 12 notches), Polytronic (M 34 y 1.5), Giacomini (approx. 22.6 mm), VEB Mertik (M 33 x 2, 0), Kosmia (M 28 x 1.0), Meges (M 38 x 1.5), BRV (M 30 x 1.5), Oventrop "maxi/mini" (M 40 x 15.5), Valvex ( M 30 x 1.5), Zentra (M 40 x 1.0), Fratelli Pettinaroli (M 28 x 1.5), Armal (M 24 x 1.5), Rotex (approx. 25.88 mm plastic)< /td> available separately

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