Indoor siren

The indoor siren can be used both to acoustically confirm executed scenarios and to warn in the event of an alarm.

In addition to the acoustic signal, the siren has a red signal light that supports the signal tone.

  • Use the following features: Reliable acoustic and visual alarm in the event of danger
  • Selection of different tones (16 tones with different pitches and speeds)
  • Distinction between alarm and information tones
  • Alarm signals significantly louder than smoke detector signals
  • Scenarios with alarm triggering via SmartHome motion detectors or door/window contacts can be programmed
  • Sabotage contact in the event of vandalism informs the owner
  • Alarm sounder when an alarm scenario is triggered
  • Flexible and easy to mount on the wall, easy to set up and control
  • Also works fully locally: The local SmartHome


  • SmartHome central

Box contents

  • 1.5 V LR14/Baby/C batteries (2x)
  • Wall mount
  • Screws 4.0 x 40 mm (2x)
  • Dowel 6 mm (2x)
  • Quick operating instructions

Technical data

Device name SIR
Radio frequency 868.3 MHz
Type. Radio free field range 160 m
Power supply 2x 1.5V LR14/Baby/C
Battery life 2 years (typ.)
Volume 85 dB at 3 m distance
Current consumption max. 200 mA
Power consumption
Sleep mode
max. 0.1 mA
Protection class IP20
Dimensions (W x H x D) 60 x 155 x 69 mm
Weight 323 g (including batteries)

Installation and inclusion

The wall bracket is not attached when delivered because removing the wall bracket from the device is very difficult. Only place the device in the wall mount after installation.

1. Open the SmartHome app and click on the plus symbol on the home page, which allows devices, scenarios and services to be added.
Now go to "Select device" and select the "acoustic signal generator" from the "Signal generator" list " out.
2. Follow the assembly steps to integrate the device into your SmartHome.
3. To mount the device on the wall, first select a suitable mounting location. Please note that no cables may run in the wall at this point.
4. Mark the drill holes on the wall with a pen.
5. Drill the holes marked and insert the dowels.
6. Mount the wall bracket by screwing in the dowels and screws provided and then insert the device into the wall bracket.

Troubleshooting and functional test

If problems occur when integrating and operating the indoor siren in your SmartHome, you can troubleshoot and perform a function test at any time.


  1. Take the indoor siren out of the holder. Please note that removing the wall mount from the device is very difficult. Removing the wall bracket always triggers the tamper contact.
  2. If the integration process is unsuccessful, reset the indoor siren to its delivery state.
  3. If the integration process is still unsuccessful, restart the control panel.
  4. Press and hold the indoor siren button for at least 4 seconds. The signal light begins to slowly flash red.

Functional test

  • Press the button next to the name "Config" briefly.
  • The LED flashes 8 times in 20 seconds.


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Operating instructions