Room thermostat

Cozy and warm in the bathroom in the morning, a few degrees cooler in the bedroom at night for a healthy sleep - with just one move you can regulate the desired temperature in your home. The room thermostat regulates the radiators or underfloor heating so that you feel comfortable. Comfort around the clock.

  • Central control of several radiator thermostats
  • Moisture sensor to protect against mold
  • Manual or time-controlled programming
  • Easy wall mounting
  • Easy to install, set up and control
  • Also works fully locally: The local SmartHome


  • SmartHome central

Box contents

  • Room thermostat
  • Batteries 1.5 V LR06 / Mignon / AA (2x)
  • Fastening material for wall mounting
  • Adhesive pad (2x)
  • Stand
  • Wall holder
  • User instructions

Technical data

Device name WRT
Supply voltage 3V
Power supply 2xLR6 (AA) (Mignon)
Battery life Up to 2 years
Max. Transmission power 10mW
Radio frequency 868.3MHz
Open field range up to 100m
Recipient class SRD Class2
How it works Type 1
Display >LCD
Protection class IP20
Ambient temperature +5°C to +35°C
Dimensions 83x98x30mm (WxHxD)
Weight 120g


Before installation, note the serial number in the battery compartment (12 digits below the barcode) and the exact installation location. You will need this for later integration.

Installation as a free-standing device

Mount the included stand on the back of the device. To do this, slide it into the grooves until it stops. Then insert the two batteries supplied into the battery compartment with the correct polarity.

Wall mounting with bracket

Use the included accessories for wall mounting. In order to be able to set the room temperature more precisely and to enable better readability, choose the installation location at visual height. When drilling holes near existing switches or outlets, pay attention to the path of electrical wiring or existing utility lines.
Proceed as follows when installing:
1 Drill a hole with a diameter of 5 mm at the selected mounting location.
2 Place one of the included dowels into the drill hole.
3 Attach the wall bracket using the included countersunk screw. Make sure that the grooves are arranged as shown in the drawing.
4 For later integration, make a note of the serial number located in the battery compartment of the SmartHome room thermostat.
5 Insert the two included batteries into the battery compartment.
6 Now carefully push the SmartHome room thermostat down into the grooves of the wall bracket until it clicks into place.

Functional check

  1. As soon as you have inserted the batteries with the correct polarity, 21 °C will appear on the display as the standard target temperature. This can be changed by turning the knob.

  2. If you press the rotary knob for five seconds, the display changes continuously and shows the current room temperature, the relative humidity as well as the adjustable maximum and minimum temperature. End the alternating display by pressing the rotary knob again.

  3. If the room thermostat is correctly integrated into your SmartHome, the radio symbol will appear permanently. A flashing symbol indicates no or incorrect integration. In this case, connect the room thermostat again.

Meaning of the symbols

In addition to the desired target temperature, the status symbols are also shown in the display. They show the current situation of the room thermostat.

Symbol Meaning
Indicates that the batteries are exhausted. Please change the batteries immediately.
Indicates the quality of radio reception. A constant glow indicates good radio reception.
The symbol flashes when radio transmission is weak.
Then check for interference (e.g. microwave,
cordless telephones) and structural conditions on site.
Parental lock is switched on.
Manual operation on the room thermostat is blocked.
Indicates activation of frost protection.
Displays an open window. It appears due to a coupled, open window contact or when there is a sharp drop in temperature (e.g. open window).
Displays the activated operating mode. In manual operating mode time-controlled scenarios, such as B. Lowering the room temperature when absent, ignored. The room temperature is instead set to the regulated by the value shown in the display.

Room climate control

Room Climate Control


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