Solutions for RWE/innogy devices

There are numerous reasons why RWE/innogy devices cannot be reached, or why communication is generally disrupted. Here we go into the most common cases known to us.


  • The SHC communicates with the devices in the range of 868.3MHz
  • Homematic IP and other devices in the SmartHome environment also transmit in this area and can disrupt the communication of LIVISI SmartHome
  • Even if the so-called antenna tuning can improve the range and accessibility, this must not be done for various reasons. Changes in the transmission profile can lead to interference with electronic devices in the neighborhood - this can also affect vital/critical areas
  • Location of the SHC
    • The SHC should be set up as centrally as possible to all devices
    • Other transmitters (e.g. Wi-Fi Access Point or Philips Hue Bridge) should be avoided in the surrounding of the SHC
    • The classic SHC is optimal positioned when the stand is used or when mounted on the wall
    • The SHC 2.0 is optimal positioned horizontal on a stable base

SHC 2.0

With the SHC 2.0, it can happen that the innogy/RWE module loses the connection to the base module and no RWE/innogy device can be reached. In this case, the following procedure helps:

  1. Switch off the SHC using the power button (long press)
  2. Unplug power
  3. Lift off the top cover
  4. Loosen the screws on the base module and separate the upper part from the lower part
  5. Place the cover on the base module
  6. Reconnect the base module to the power supply and switch it on
  7. Switch off again after 5 minutes (press and hold the power button), disconnect from the power supply
  8. Remove the cover from the base module
  9. Screw the upper part back onto the base module
  10. Place the cover on the upper module
  11. Reconnect power and turn on

Delete Driver

If no RWE/innogy device can be reached, there may be a problem with the driver. Unfortunately, you have to proceed as follows:

  1. Restart the SHC (switch off the SHC 2.0 with a long press on the power button)
  2. If the problem still exists, delete the driver via "Settings > Device drivers > innogy devices > Delete device drivers"
  3. The driver may need to be reinstalled using a USB stick
  4. If necessary, reset devices to factory settings (Factory Reset Devices) and include them again

Individual devices

If individual devices cannot be reached or are difficult to reach, then you can check the following:

  • Are there "interferers" between the SHC and the devices that can be eliminated?
  • For battery-powered devices: Does the battery need to be changed?
  • Use of an RWE/innogy router (PSR) to improve communication between the SHC and the device

No devices found

Is no new devices found by the SHC? In this case we need to check the following:

  • Are RWE/innogy devices already included and they are also not reachable? Please proceed as described above
  • Are the devices reset to factory settings? If not, please reset.
  • No devices have been included yet and the SHC is operated without a user account:
    • Download the bindings for your version of the SHC as an archive:
    • Extract the archive (not the included archive files) into a folder "/update/binding" on a FAT32 formatted USB stick. This folder then contains the archive files of the individual bindings.
    • Plug the USB stick into the corresponding port on your SHC
    • Since the first devices cannot yet be found automatically, the process must be started manually using "Add device" or "+" and selecting the corresponding device.