Remote Access the Local SmartHome

Many users ask us how LIVISI SmartHome can be operated from 2024 if you don't want to work locally only but want to use remote access and also Amazon Alexa or Google Home. In short there are:

  • Access the SHC via VPN connection in the router on the go (Amazon Alexa or Google Home not possible)
  • Connection to a third-party system

The easiest way for pure remote access is to set up a remote connection to your local network via VPN and use it from on the go or from other locations for remote access. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to provide a description of the setup given the large number of options.

Connection to a third-party system

For most users, however, it is usually not just about remote access, but about more. Of the numerous possibilities, we would like to support you with the first steps in setting up the three most popular open-source variants. A good starting point for an initial overview is our page Open Source SmartHome Systems - take a look around so that you can focus on one system.

What all variants have in common: You need additional hardware, the simplest in the form of a Raspberry PI. Other hardware is also possible, and the systems also run, for example, on network storage devices such as those from Synology, but for simplicity we are focusing on the Raspberry PI.

This will all sound very complicated, and it will be challenging, especially for users who have very little experience with computers - but once it is set up, you will very likely quickly learn to appreciate the advantages of open SmartHome systems.

What do the alternatives cost?

Additional hardware, new system - that means new costs, doesn't it? Yes, that's what it means. Below you will find an overview of the one-off costs for the hardware and any running costs that you could incur.

Regarding the running costs we look at what you have to pay when you want "normal" remote access including use of Alexa & Google home.

Hardware2 OpenHab HomeAssistant ioBroker










  • Raspberry Pi 4 with 2GB RAM
  • Micro SD card 32GB Endurance
  • Housing for the Raspberry Pi
  • Power supply for the Raspberry Pi
  • Micro SD card reader

1 The costs are as of August 2022 and were taken from the major online retailers and the websites of the variants.
2 The hardware recommendation corresponds to the status August 2022 and is the largest common name of all three variants.

However, the versions that are subject to a fee usually offer more than pure remote access and the use of assistants.


Let's go...

...with the detailed instructions for the respective systems: