The use of USB sticks is recommended or even necessary for various applications in the local LIVISI SmartHome. This applies, for example.

  • Receive log files for the support
  • Backup of device keys
  • Update of the SHC software
  • Local storage of device activity data, energy data and camera images

Unfortunately, the SHC are a bit picky when it comes to the use of USB sticks. We therefore recommend the following:

  • File format must be FAT32
  • Recommended:
    • Size smaller than 16GB
    • Write/read indicator via LED or display to monitor activity
    • Do not remove while stick is in use
  • In addition, the following has also proven to be useful in problem cases:
    • The older the stick is, the less problematic it is to use
    • Formatting in FAT32 under iOS/Apple is problematic
    • Using small partitions of e.g. 2GB formatted in FAT32 helped with problem sticks